During the day, we are involved in activities like working, eating, and chores, undergoing all kinds of emotional and psychological stresses. Our bodies have limited resources allocated to vital and important systems, like muscles and the digestive system, and only a few devoted to noncritical organs, like the outer layers of the skin. Thus, our bodies require beauty sleep to recuperate.

Beauty sleep is a deep, relaxing sleep that overhauls the whole body and resets all body systems to their ideal condition. During a good sleep, when many resources of the body are not immediately needed, some of the benefits of rest go to the less vital organs, like the top-most layers of the skin.

One of the major problems of the body that requires deep sleep is stress, specifically the high level of cortisol that occurs from stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone that puts our bodies in an agitated state, something called “fight or flight.” Cortisol is normally released when the body is in danger and lowers back to normal as soon as the danger is removed. The danger or threat could be physical or just a feeling. For instance, if a lion attacks you, the cortisol rushes through your system the same as how the thought of an atomic bomb can quickly increase your cortisol level. The body doesn’t differentiate between a physical threat and an emotional threat when it comes to stress.

Our modern lives are full of all kinds of stressors that keep our cortisol levels high most of the time. Our immune systems become hyperactive and hypersensitized in response to high cortisol levels. The end result of these hypersensitivities is an agitated body and inflammation, which is believed to be one of the main causes of aging.

There is a big difference between humans and animals in regards to the cortisol hormone. Animals also respond to danger by raising their cortisol levels, but as soon as the threat ceases, the cortisol levels drop back to the normal level. But, because we as humans think more complexly, we hold on to the threat of danger even when there is no more threat or it becomes irrational.

A relaxing, uninterrupted night of beauty sleep reduces cortisol to its normal level and brings our body systems and organs to a resting state. In the relaxing state of a deep sleep, the resources of the body are used to repair and renew damaged systems and organs. Collagen, elastin, and other critical skin components are under constant tension during the day, either from sunlight, environmental impacts, dirt and dust, movement, and so on.

During deep sleep, some of the body’s resources are redirected to repair injuries to the skin, among other organs in the body. More blood circulation to the skin increases skin hydration, dissolves broken collagen and elastin fiber, and renews them. After a good night’s sleep, you can see dark circles around the eyes fade, and the skin becomes more vivid and fresh.

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Here are some tips for relaxing beauty sleep:

  • Use occlusive hydrating skincare products to block the water from evaporating from the surface of the skin, improving skin hydration.
  • Don’t eat at least one to two hours before going to bed. Food in the stomach during the night brings more blood to the digestive tract and restricts the resources of the body from other organs. In addition, more blood to the digestive system and peristalsis movement of the stomach can wake you at night.
  • A comfortable and relaxing bed is essential, and also a dark room with proper temperature is mandatory for a night of good beauty sleep.
  • Good beauty sleep should last between 7-9 uninterrupted hours.
  • On average, everyone has about eight dreams that most forget by morning. If you remember your dreams, there is a huge chance that your sleep was not satisfying.
  • If you feel tired, sleepy during the day, or low energy, you may have sleep apnea, restricting you from having a deep, quality sleep. Sleep apnea is a temporarily blocked airway that can make people feel asphyxiated. People who suffer from this illness are likely to snore, struggle with obesity, and are always tired due to not having a good night’s sleep.