Dry shampoo is used to get rid of excess oil in hair. It is perfect for situations in which you can’t clean your hair as needed by washing it, like when you are on a field trip or hiking or there is a health condition in which you must avoid water on your head. Some people like to alternate between dry shampoo and regular detergent-based shampoo to prevent damage to their hair.

Another use of dry shampoo is to prevent color from washing out of hair, especially when you have a semi-permanent color. Also, if you don’t have enough time to take a shower and get ready for a meeting or date, dry shampoo is definitely a good option. Dry shampoo has another bonus effect: volumizing the hair as it accumulates at the base of the hair and holds it straight.

The most popular and well-known dry shampoo is a powder that is made from corn or rice starch. The powder absorbs oils and sebum and reduces the greasiness in hair. Aerosol dry shampoos contain an absorbing agent, solvent, and conditioning agents. These types of dry shampoo dissolve oils and leave the hair looking cleaner and fresh. The other ingredients of most dry shampoos are fresh, pleasant-smelling fragrances.

Baby powder is probably the most well-known dry shampoo, and it does the job in most cases. Baby powder has the familiar scent of a baby that is extremely attractive to most women, especially those who have or have had babies. The special fragrance of baby powder evokes a sense of innocence and the lovely smell of a baby. Some men even use a little baby powder when they go on a date to draw attention from women.

All dry shampoos need to be evenly applied to the roots of the hair and scalp, as that is where the majority of oils and sebums collect. To get the best result, apply the powder evenly on your scalp and leave it in for a few minutes before combing through the hairs.

Dry shampoo stays on the hair until the next shower; therefore, if it is not the same shade as your hair color, you may notice that your hair color has been affected. To solve this problem, manufacturers have made different shades of dry shampoo that suit almost any hair color.

There are also dry shampoos for pets that sweat and get oily fur. Pets’ dry shampoos are a great option and come in handy when washing your pet is not an easily available option.

Ultimately, dry shampoo doesn’t remove dirt and oil from the hair; it just reduces the oiliness and dirty look of the hair temporarily. Dry shampoo cannot and will not substitute regular washing with shampoo or other cleaning agents.